Petrol tank strap 1970

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Jan 29, 2013
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Anyone know if petrol tank straps are available to buy from anywhere?
Need one as I snapped one taking the tank out should of took more care!
Bus OK have a set of second hand ones for sale. That leads me to believe you may get them from UK suppliers of used parts. There’s way too many to list here.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,whereabouts are you? :)
I've got a feeling I have one in the stash of parts but need to double check
Hi guys yep it’s the metal strap that keeps the tank secure. Looks like the main suppliers sell them for split buses but not early bays. The strap if welded in place at one end.
Anyway good news is my mate things he should be able to repair it. 🤞
I have repaired a few, normally where the end with the bolt on gets twisted when undoing the nut. Short bit of steel welded over to join works fine.

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