pop pop bang! rough running engine! Help needed :-)

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Feb 16, 2012
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After a trip to Volksweald last weekend, the bus started playing up and subsequently broke down on the M25! As it was hot on Sunday we only drove at 50mph as we thought this was best. After 22miles the van started stuttering (pulling back) and the pop pop bang out of the exhaust multiple times whilst i was trying to get to the hard shoulder before cutting out. The van would re start when warm but kept back firing, when cold it started and ran rough but no back firing.
Called the AA and get relayed to Thurrock services. took 17 hrs to get me the 50miles home after 3 recovery trucks and a transit man who might i add though the engine was in the front! after he asked if the coolant was topped up and told him to get me a truck as you have no idea!!

So, the engine is a 1776 by the engine company, running with twin ICT 34 webbers (genuine not cheap ones) running on an electronic dizzy and standard fuel pump. Van had been fine until we broke down with the only thing being done other than checking fuel lines etc was fitting a new battery inc a new leisure battery since our last run out.

I have read that it could be the coil but Im stumped at what else it could be unless i replace the dizzy, coil, plugs etc. Would a faulty coil make it run that bad? Or could it be the carbs?

Happy for ideas/help!

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