1969 Portugese Panel Van

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Passed the mot with no advisories , and have since had the wheel bearings changed


Love it

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My original indicator switch had been playing up for nearly a year now so the time came to replace it ,
It's quite a straight forward job , but I get easily irritated so I done it over two sessions
The new unit is a NOS one found on the samba , keeping it original VW



Not much visual difference but so nice to use in comparison to my old flappy one that used to slide round steering column

It the little things [emoji41]

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So after a two year hiatus nothing much has happened to this old van , only a Gene Berg shifter and another set of rims
This time South African Sprints
Still got the Pacers
Might sell them or SAs ????


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Bus looks great dude ! Loving the Sprints and you’ve took some superb pics
Chrispy said:
Great van and intresting thread.
Given me a bit of incentive to get my panel finished off.

Ah what is yours mate ? What year etc ??
love the SAs, what width are they? seen some for sale but don't appear to have the same amount of lip on the front!


Hi Matt thanks for that , mine are all original 4:5” wide

Some people reband them to get different offsets

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