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Received the Y heater pipe from Schofields today and to say I am underwhelmed is an understatement :(
Quality of the metal is very poor and as to the welding…….. Oh dear:



Also, would need some serious wrapping to keep the hot aire flowing through it as it appears to be holier than a sieve - a view looking down the it from the single pipe end:


Sent a message to them to complain - they said that they don’t manufacture them so are not accountable for the quality and that I can send it back (they don’t say!!)
Will ask if they have any better ones on the shelf as I would like to get it sorted.

Pissed off :(
I would be to. :shock: :evil:
Why sell crap stuff in the first place , as that reply (sounds like ) they are aware of problems.
Does nothing for a company name sending out something like that. Quality control ???

J & P
:D :D :D
Yep - totally peed off.
Asked if they have anything better and had nothing back so will chase up with a phone call on Monday!
Gold standard is what I thought Schofield was about. Recommended are their own made products definitely. I bought them and Paul and myself were really pleased with the quality. Don’t have to take on Frankenstein welding crap with holes attached to sell alongside their quality own made goods surely? Business is business but if some buyers are unaware of the Schofield superior work, they may think all they sell is crap and tarnish with the same brush and avoid buying. Oh! Your bus is looking fine and dandy by the way. Great stuff.

Spoke to Schofields who informed me that they will look at the other Y heater pipes they have to see if any are any better than the one they sent - it wasn’t.
Again, they are reliant on an Austrian company who make them - they reckon they have complained many times about the quality but nothing appears to change!

Anyway - onwards an sidewards……...

Fixed the oil filler and breather pipe to the alternator stand tonight.



Took the gearbox out (again) so I can look to install the Y heater pipe:


Will start to see how best to fit the Y heater pipe now….
gninnam said:
Cheers dude :) - any movement with your bus??
Not much to report. Fixed the indicators and the horn last week so I could use it after it being sat for a bit. The Mrs had roped my in to a "man with a van" role :roll:

I'll be getting back on to it next month - just had too much on with the house and wedding plans and all that funky stuff.

Why don't you go try an exhaust manufacturer/speedshop/similar and get one made up? Should be almost no effort for them to whip something up a bajillion times better, possibly in stainless and probably at a similar cost!
Great news with getting the van sorted and wedding plans - nice one :)

As you will see in a minute, too late to send this back as cut up ready to fit and after some fettling it should do the do.....

Cut up the pipe and added some fillers so I have something to weld to:


Tried fitting the pipes which go over the rear axle but not enough space - will probably have to squash the pipes a bit so I can get them through….

Will have a proper go tomorrow.


Tried to fit them as they are but no go so decided to squash them some more and they split so had to weld them back:





Could still not get them all the way through.

So - going to use the single pipe that splits into two and connect two lengths of silicone tubing which I should be able to fit in the gap - just order a meters worth (measured the pipes I have cut and they are around 365mm).

Nothing major to report.
Hoses arrived so cut them to shape and tested them for size - very snug :)



Find time to have a go at fitting - although I noticed when I trialed fitted the hoses that the brake pipe that goes over the gearbox will need more fettling :(

Also got some bling:

Schofields shouldn't be letting shit like that go off the shelves personally speaking. It may have been best to go for a complete silicon 'Y' piece I am pretty sure you can get them.

But that aside keep up the good work, its coming along great :)
Totally gone off Schofields now for purchasing anything (I know for most things they will use the same suppliers as all the other resellers!).
Regarding the silicone Y piece - as I heva the metal part may as well use it!!

A few hours this evening.

Removed the brake pipe that goes over the gearbox - will get a new one made, a bit longer, so I can make sure the hot air pipes do not get fouled.

Also, used Butty’s tool to remove the steering wheel and worked very well :)

I think the steering wheel is salvageable ??




It is... but you'll have to open the cracks with a file/Dremel before epoxying them back together. Also a good idea to drill out the base of each crack to stop it in its tracks.
gvee said:
It is... but you'll have to open the cracks with a file/Dremel before epoxying them back together. Also a good idea to drill out the base of each crack to stop it in its tracks.
Wise words and will take heed.
Was aware of making the cracks wider but the drill out the base of each crack is a new one so will look to do that :mrgreen:

Removed the steering column so I can clean it up and also check it over.
After removal:


After a bit of a clean:


Will check the bearings and stuff and replace as necessary.
Also see about removing the dash so I can see the damage around the window area due to rust and poor repairs by the previous PO (not looking forward to this but needs must…….)

The brake pipe that runs over the gearbox was not mounted right and also too short, so found an old steel pipe and visited my local garage on Friday to see if they would cut it to size and flare the ends.
Took one look at the steel pipe and said no, but they had a reel of copper pipe so made one from this (just a bit to long but good enough) and charged me nothing :)

A pic of the new pipe:


The heater tube which runs front to back, I bought this over 10 years ago! Unknown to me I had bought the wrong one - 90mm instead of 70mm, but the Y heater pipe you can get is only for late bays so the right size.
But the existing front heater pipe is only 70mm so had to carry out some fabrication work on this pipe to get it to fit.

Flared the end that fits to the Y heater tube:


Shrunk the other end that connects to the existing heater pipe at the front:



Due to the size of the gaps when flaring the tube I used a piece of copper to help the weld pool and fill the gap:


Welded the end which will be 70mm first and then ground it down - this end will be hidden as it will be stuffed into the existing front heater tube:


This is the end result of the other end after welding and grinding - will need tidying up a bit more as this will be seen:


Will grind the welds down on the inside also:


Test fit of the Y heater pipe:



That’s it so far. Again just tidy everything up - add some sealer then add paint - will then be ready to fit :)

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