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What's up with the dodomat foam layer? I've heard it's really good for use on the floor sections etc
I used the 12mm version on my squareback and it was fine. The 6mm foam is a nightmare to fit, once the backing paper comes off it stretches, tears and even shrinks as you can see in a couple of the pics.
Ply arrived, so flooring done.
Cut and backed with the last of the dodomat.

The joints are under the bed support panel, and the floor will eventually be covered in Westy style vinyl.
Just need the trim adhesive to arrive, finish the carpet and then the bed can go in.
I bought a good used lhd late steering box for a very reasonable price at Slough Swapmeet.
So I thought I'd replace the shonky new steering box that leaks profusely.

However, like most things I've attempted recently, it's not a straight swap. As you can see the profile where it mounts through the chassis leg is different.

To be continued....
Started on the new wiring. First job was to drill my early early dash for a hazard switch.

New fusebox installed and switches mounted.

Got a couple of small issues, washer microswitch has stopped working and a couple of conductors need resoldering onto the indicator switch.

I had one fail on the washer push and one fail on the hands advance button on the deluxe (blooming expensive) clock. Bought a job lot for future failures 🤣👍
Lights fitted, looks so much better with headlights in.
Can't find the reversing lights though, probably in the same box with all the other missing parts.
Still got the dash, etc to wire, but going to concentrate on getting the engine mocked up next so the engine bay tin can be sorted.

Speedo cable in and grease caps fitted.

Just waiting for the out of stock discs to arrive and then I can get the brakes working as well.

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