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Feb 9, 2008
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Hello all. Here we go again, say hello to my new bus.
It's a September 1967 (1968 MY) Neptune Blue Deluxe out of Blake's Yard in Colorado. Imported by Jonno at Vintage Valley (instagram - vintagevalleyvw) back in 2016, and I've had my eye on it for quite a while until the deal was done earlier this year.
Some pics from Blake's when it was used as a parts shed before it was pulled out.

Here's an old video of when the SWS took a trip to Blakes, no bays in the vid though.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the bus has been in lockdown itself in a curtain sider at Vintage Valley.

As it's just a shell, not a very mobile one, I need to get it rolling so it can be moved.
So, rear stub axles, rear brake drums, wheels, tyres and wheel bolts required for the first stage.
I don’t want to spam your thread, but it appears that yours may have a twin... will be interesting to see whose gets finished first! (Won’t be ours!)


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sparkywig said:
Thanks Paul, see you at the weekend?

All being well Si 8) , my clutch is slipping!? so need to have a look at that!? done fukall miles so can't see how it can be shagged all ready!?
Mind you, towing fully loaded wiv the family and rapido hasn't helped!? :p
If I can't sort before saturday...(or clutch is shagged) Adams bringing his square too.... so Ill jump in the boot!! (2 meter rule init!!) :lol:
That is a great looking bus, it looks pretty solid and I like the colors

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