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Jun 29, 2023
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Eastbourne - East Sussex
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Tin Top
Evening all,

I’ve recently purchased a 1970 tintop, and am going around making notes of what needs doing (plenty!)

One thing that has baffled me is that the inner handle of the sliding door is catching in the frame as it opens, splitting the seal and catching on the metal.

I’ve researched online and it appears that that correct handle has been fitted.

Is this due to the door not swinging out wide enough or something else?
As the handle is at the front of the door then the only thing would be the lower track, if its been badly repaired that might be the reason . Cant be adjustment as it would not close correctly , well that's my take on it.
Hi there Scott,

The handle should be pointing down, not towards the back. Just turn it 90 degrees.
I haven’t looked in mine, but this May allow the door to stop in time before hitting. There’s a bump stop above it by the black plastic cover.
Try it and let us know.
What a bizarre thing to have been done by the previous owner - must have been a pain to use the door when facing downhill 😂

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